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Laser hair removal in Houston, TX is the surefire method to get beautiful, hairless legs with long lasting results. Skinsense Med Spa specializes in laser hair treatment that uses the Intense Pulse Light (IPL) machine and technology. We take pride in our upgraded facilities and tools, which are scientifically proven to achieve permanent hair reduction for that smooth and flawless skin.
We work with trained and licensed specialists to handle all our sessions with one-on-one consultations and detailed attention to your skin needs. Our aestheticians utilize an innovative hand piece that touches your skin and removes unwanted hair through flashes of light. The application of cooling spray, gel, or air is also necessary, depending on your preferences and the results of our consultation. We offer regular and ongoing treatment sessions in monthly or regular intervals.
Our laser hair removal treatment ranges from lower body to full upper body coverage with their corresponding rates. We offer the most competitive costs for our IPL hair removal treatments, depending on the size of the area, as well as the required number of sessions. Our aesthetician carefully handles your unique requests and finds out if there are skin conditions that need special treatment for better results.
Get rid of stubborn hair with the most effective and finest technology in the laser hair removal industry. We prep you for the procedure to avoid any side effects and discomfort, as well as to ensure visible results for all skin types. Our clients use safety eyewear for protection from the generated light of the IPL machine. For hair removal in more sensitive areas, we use anesthetic creams for your comfort.
Skinsense Med Spa is your premier expert in hair reduction and skincare through innovative IPL laser treatment.

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